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Equipping believers to understand and care well for their bodies through Christ-centered, whole-person wellness rooted in a biblical understanding of the body.

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Health is more than nutrition and exercise.

God has created us as whole people in his image and our spiritual growth is directly impacted by how we understand and care for our physical bodies. At Cultivate Well, we’ll teach you how to approach wellness from a Christ-centered, whole-person perspective with a biblical understanding of the body as the foundation.

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As a believer, you may have been told that the physical body does not matter, or that it matters very little to the Christian life. However, the Bible teaches us that we have been created in the image of God and that how we care for the body matters.

I am here to equip and encourage believers to live well for the glory of God through a Christ-centered, whole-person approach to wellness that is grounded in a biblical understanding of the body.

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